Sinc Invest in Digital Innovation.

Sinc kitchens enhance their productivity & digital capabilities by investing in Digital.

Sinc Kitchens Invests in Digital Innovation - Complete Kitchen Suppliers - UK & Ireland

Digital technologies have and continue to be one of the core strengths of Sinc Kitchens

By reducing manual processes and human error, increasing efficiencies and capacity, we have more time to focus on building relationships with our retail partners, and that’s really important to us.

Manufacturing companies have traditionally been slow to react to the advent of digital technologies.

Sinc kitchens have realised that digital innovation is critical when it comes to addressing manufacturers’ key business drivers and creating value, this has allowed Sinc to take full advantage of the significant benefits from digital and their retail partners throughout the UK and Ireland are reaping the rewards.

1. Super Smart Quotation Solutions

Sinc Kitchens Invests in Digital Innovation - Complete Kitchen Suppliers - UK & Ireland
Working Faster and Smarter. SMART quoting, ordering and project management services provide real-time pricing data direct from Sinc’s supply partners.

Our Smart system is a flexible business management system technology which is tailored specifically for our business. Adapted over many years to improve accuracy and efficiency throughout the quoting and ordering process.

2. Custom Built Customer Management System

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) - Complete Kitchen Suppliers - UK & Ireland
Our bespoke CRM system helps us tailor our service to best meet the needs of our retail partners.
Knowing the right questions is one thing, how we use that information is another. Our CRM has been built from scratch with one goal, to help us provide the best service for our retail partners.

Any information our retail partners kindly pass on to us, is logged, categorised and used only by us in an effort to improve our service, offering and our understanding of our retail partner’s needs…our partners success is our success and our CRM helps is identify what success looks like for our partners.

3. Bespoke JOB TRACKER for smart manufacturing

Our Job Tracker has been engineered to allow Sinc to review, edit and track all jobs in a busy manufacturing business.

Our staff can now easily keep track of job status, quality issues, stock levels and dispatch dates automatically. Allowing our production and dispatch staff to review, edit and set alerts against any job in process as it moves along.

This has been a very successful investment for Sinc Kitchens “ a game changer” with massive reductions in production errors, missing items and increased confidence in product development.

We have large visual displays throughout the Sales, Estimating, Production and Dispatch, including the use of tablets for the logging all factory floor process, this allows for better communications throughout all departments.

4. Dispatch and Delivery Alerts via SMS and Email

CUSTOMER ALERTS - Complete Kitchen Suppliers - UK & Ireland
Notification and live tracking: With us, our customers can keep on track for delivery anytime, anywhere.

Our Delivery Alerts solution ensures our retail partners receive delivery information instantly via SMS or email, without employee intervention.

At Sinc we aim to simplify the order process as much as possible, and key to this is the flow of information and how that information is relayed onto our supply partners.

Our dispatch and delivery alerts are in real time, they include a link to a delivery note, which includes order information and advises any potential shortages, and when to expect them. On the rare occasion orders aren’t 100% complete, it’s important to have information relating to any shortages These are the little things that if not explained, can cause confusion and ultimately costs everyone involved unnecessary time and expense.

5. Custom built my account area

Broken PLan Living Areas - Complete Kitchen Suppliers - UK & Ireland
Real time MY ACCOUNT system for our customers, allows them to login in, order, review and edit their orders online securely.

We know how busy you are with building your business and trying to serve your customer's everyday needs, so we want to make things as hassle free as possible, in your account area you can find all your orders, data and delivery dates.

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