Leading the way in kitchen manufacturing.

Leading the way in kitchen manufacturing.

Leading the way in kitchen manufacturing - UK's Leading Complete Kitchen Supplier-  Ireland & UK.

Sinc kitchens have revolutionised the manufacturing process, by allowing efficiency and craftmanship to co-exist

We're one of the UK's leading kitchen manufacturer's, offering our retail partners high quality, rigid built kitchen cabinets according to their exact specification.

Our flexible manufacturing capabilities gives us the strength to produce large volumes, whilst maintaining high quality craftmanship and efficiency for our retail partners.

We are extremely proud of the fact that any kitchen supplied by us, is manufactured in our own state-of-the-art factory in Northern Ireland.

Through years of customer partnership and feedback we have arrived at a specification that not only meets demand, but is recognised as one of the best products within in the Industry, and here's why.

1. High Quality Raw Materials

High Quality Raw Materials Egger UK - Complete Kitchen Suppliers - UK & Ireland
Our philosophy has always been simple, our retail partners deserve a quality product and to achieve this only top quality raw materials from some of the most respected suppliers in the kitchen industry are used throughout our production process.

We offer 14 Stock Carcass colours which are all priced exactly the same, however as we are a direct customer with Egger UK we can supply 100’s of different Carcass colours on request.

View all stock colours here.

2. Next Level Cabinet Engineering

By investing in intelligent Production solutions such as Cabinet Vision, Sinc have been able to fully automate and integrate their kitchens through the manufacturing processes, saving time, eliminating human error, and in turn increasing productivity.
Cabinet Vision optimization of sheets makes for greater efficiency in material usage, as each kitchen is then optimized into sheets for cutting and processing on our CNC Nesting Machines.
Instead of mass production of parts, the use of CNC Nesting allows us to utilise Batch Size One processing of one complete kitchen at a time which moves through production as a complete job.

This in turn allows us to offer a wider range of carcass/edging colours and be able to offer our retail partners bespoke cabinets if and when they are needed.

3. JOB TRACKER for smart manufacturing

JOB TRACKER re-engineered for Sinc
Our Job Tracker has been engineered to allow Sinc to review, edit and track all jobs in a busy manufacturing business.

Our staff can now easily keep track of job status & location on the shop floor, through large displays within each department. Additional information regarding individual cabinets is also readily available on employee tablets.

This allows our production and dispatch staff to review, edit and set alerts against any job in the process as it moves along. Any issues can be allocated to the relevant department in real time allowing for swift resolution and continuous flow of jobs throughout the entire factory.

4. Durable Rigid Built Cabinets

Durable Rigid Built Kitchens
Fully assembled, 18mm rigid cabinets, ready to install kitchens.
We manufacturer ready-to-install and rigid-built kitchen cabinets for our retail partners throughout UK & Ireland.

Our kitchens arrive built up, with hinges, doors and accessories fitted, hinges and drawers already in place, eliminating any missing components prior to dispatch. Below you will find our carcass spec, we do offer bespoke sizes on request.

  • 18mm MFC Carcasses all round inc. Back Panels
  • Durable 1mm Front edge on all edges
  • Blum Inserta Integrated Soft Close Hinges
  • Glue and Dowel Construction – (Except on Tall Cabinets and Corner Cabinets which are Cam & Dowel.)
  • Wall Units have high quality Concealed Hanging Brackets.
  • Any cabinets can be requested as Cam & Dowel
  • Lift Up Mechanisms are Blum Aventos
  • We Supply and Fit any Bins and Pull out Mechanisms

View Full Cabinet Specification here.

5. Industry Leading Accessories & Mechanisms

We only use the best the market has to offer when it comes to our accessories, our retail partners can select from a range of accessories, state of the art mechanisms & storage solutions to create the perfect design for their client.

By using Blum Systems and Kessebohmer for all our Pull out and Storage systems we offer an extensive range of options to maximise storage and accessibility in all our kitchens. Both Blum & Kessebohmer come with Lifetime guarantees which highlight the Quality and durability of these products.

View all accessories here.

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